SharePoint Server Repair Tool

Facing one or the other below mentioned issues while accessing SharePoint database:

  • Search engine and email files doesn’t work.
  • SharePoint mode site collections may have missing or incorrect Help content
  • Performance Point items are missing from BI Center left navigation pane
  • Management Shell shows error when opened
  • Access to SharePoint API settings is not possible.
  • Any sites or sub-sites in the collections will not be able to access.

If you are dealing with these problems then there is no problem SharePoint repair file is damaged which is need to be repaired. As an application platform SharePoint provides central management, governance, and security controls for implementation of these requirements. So it is necessary to repair SharePoint files using SharePoint Repair Tools for correcting most problems with MDF files and substitute a good backup strategy.

sharepoint recovery tool

About SharePoint Web Application Platform

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is also called as SharePoint is server software. It is associated with intranet, document management and with content management. It is multi-use platform for managing web portals, social networking sites, websites, content, documents, and business intelligence tooling processes. It is dominant software for creating organizational intranets. It is extremely helpful in building content management sites, portals and collaboration sites. It comprises with multipurpose set of Web technologies backed by common technical infrastructure. It is closely integrated with Office suite and also has system integration, process integration and workflow automation capabilities.

Every file that is saved in Microsoft SharePoint is saved with an extension of .mdf file type. SharePoint Server saves the primary data files that saves and stores all information like- workspace, documents, content database, lists and document libraries etc in Server MDF files. When the Server corrupts due to some reason it unable the administrator to access its MDF files.

Reasons behind the corruption of SharePoint file

The MDF database of the SharePoint sever may get corrupted which results in inaccessibility of data there are many cause of this corruption. Some of the corruption issues are explained below –

  • Corruption of MDF database file may be due to malware or virus infection through web server.
  • Due to damage Hard Disk or formation of bad sector may result in corruption.
  • If any bug exist in SharePoint it makes the MDF file also to corrupt.
  • Improper system shut down (due to power failure).
  • Incorrect string transferred to multi-client database.
  • Deletion of any Log Files may also causes corruption in MDF files.
  • Coping or accessing of MDF files while running of database.
  • Due to header corruption.
  • Due to damage in structure of the database and in indexing.
  • Access to database can leave the business to halt.
  • Accidental deletion of share point web portals.
  • Corrupt media maintain MDF files.
  • By abnormal internet speed on the system.

How to repair corrupt/damaged SharePoint Web Application Platform

Once SharePoint gets corrupted it is really very difficult to restore it back. In such situations updated backup files or restore files are very helpful to get back all inaccessible objects from the server. But when there is no backup file or it has also been corrupted then only option remains is to use SharePoint Repair Tool. This powerful tool effectively scans the damaged database files and repairs it to recover inaccessible objects in MDF database files. This repair tool offers allows the user to retrieve share point database like tables, indexes, documents, labels and stored procedures from inaccessible MDF files. It restores corrupt or deleted database and save the recovered MDF files at specific location on the system.

It repairs and reconstructs these below mentioned SharePoint database objects –

Deleted sites and sub sites
Stored procedures
Library documents
Unique key
User defined types
System Information
Primary and Foreign Key

Features of SharePoint Repair Tools

  • Complete Scanning and Reporting- – It identifies the SharePoint Server and sites as it understand the SharePoint Environment throughout the network. Even those sites that are hidden gather all the information and repots all the discoveries it covered.
  • Efficient Pre-Migration Reporting– Prioritize the migration and determines the true extent of the environment with reports to prioritize the content before migrating it.
  • Reconstruct Delegated Access – Content owner are empowered with accessing, scheduling and exporting reports.
  • Gives Security Control – Contents are protected from users managing and monitoring access to the content. Even Searches users access rights in the entire environment even which are granted by SharePoint groups, Active rights or broken inheritance and then modifies the rights and policies within the search results.
  • Auditing Features– Tracks the user’s activities and modifies the security across the sites in order to reduce time spent for analyzing audit logs and report back to the content owners.
  • Repairs Data from corrupted SharePoint database.
  • Fixes all types of errors in managing tools.
  • Provides with free demo tools to show entire working preview
  • Repairs and restores SharePoint from MDF file without causing any damage to the database.